Kiwi Gelato

Italian Frozen Desserts with New Zealand Flair

From New Zealand to Brevard, from Coffee to Gelato

In 2004 Heather left NC for work and adventures in Invercargill, New Zealand. She instantly fell in love with the country and its' people exness. She made many friends and one cold rainy Friday evening in June she joined a few of those friends for dinner. Little did she know that they had something up their sleeve. They introduced her to Richard Coadwell, a fine kiwi bloke from Christchurch who was working in Invercargill at the time.  The story goes that as winter became more harsh, Richard's warm heater became more attractive and Heather began to spend more time at Richard's place, next to that warm heater and next to Richard.


The two fell in love, but alas it was time for Heather to return home to NC, it was March 2006. Heather moved to Brevard and took a job with Eagles Nest Camp. She and Richard sent lots of international text messages before he finally decided to come to America and plan a wedding, to Heather of course.  In September 2006 they were married on a beautiful day at Earthshine Mountain Lodge.


While Richard awaited his working permit, he planned a wee shop, one he thought they could call Kiwi Coffee. Like many New Zealander's, he wasn't completely satisfied with his coffee choices in America and thought he may be able to open his own shop, right on Main St. in the Cargo (old Grover's) Building.  But renovations ran slow and he took a job at Headwaters Outfitters. 


One day, Heather and Richard stopped into Saluda, NC for a stroll around town. The local coffee shop was serving gelato. "Gelato!", Heather said. "I love gelato. This is great."  "I made it this morning", the owner said exness trader. "Really? How do you make gelato?" And so it goes, Richard and Heather learned to make gelato and once again they were in love, this time with gelato. Back to Plan B, Kiwi Coffee, plus gelato.  A neighbor was friends with George in the alley. She said he had a small space in his chocolate shop that he may be willing to lease, perhaps just for gelato. And that's what they did, in September 2007. Downtown Chocolates, Kiwi Gelato and the Square Root all helped to make the Times Arcade Alley a destination and fun was had by all.  But Kiwi Gelato needed more space and Downtown Chocolates needed more space, so Kiwi Gelato went looking and found the space next to Docks (the former Docks). They opened on Main St. in February 2010. 


RIchard and Heather are very happy to host friends, locals and tourists alike in their new space at 67 E. Main St. We have seating and a Kids Corner and even coffee, back to Plan A..  Please stop in and visit, we'd love to tell you more about gelato, New Zealand and Brevard is exness regulated in india.