Kiwi Gelato

Italian Frozen Desserts with New Zealand Flair

What is gelato?

Gelato, literally translated, means
"frozen." It is an Italian style ice-cream, with a lower butterfut content than American style ice-cream exness.

How exactly is it different from American style ice-cream?

There are three main differences: 1. We do not use heavy cream, or we use very little, thus there is much less butterfat in gelato than ice-cream and more intense flavor (less cream flavor). 2. There is less "air" in gelato. It is smoother because of the process of churning and freezing at the same time, plus less butterfat allows for more room, less "build-up."  3. It is kept at a different temperature than regular ice-cream.

What are the nutrional values of gelato vs. ice cream?

                                 Sugar              Fat              Calories         Carbs

Gelato                       16-22%              4-8%                160                   22

Ice-Cream                  21%                   14%                  229                  23

Sorbetto                    25-30%                0%                    98                   28



*Nutrional values are based on estimated product average of a 4oz. cup and may vary based on product consumed.

I am lactose intolerate. Can I have gelato?

Some of our gelato is officially sorbetto, which is dairy free exness office in india. Sorbetto is made with fruit and water, not milk, like traditional gelato.  It is lighter and more tart and tangy than gelato, yet it still has a "creamy" texture. Some people can't beleive there is no diary used to make sorbetto, but it's true!  We also can make fruit gelato with water and a dairy powder base, to add more texture, but still offer a very low-dairy product. Some people who don't eat ice-cream, can eat even the traditional gelato because there is very little heavy cream used, just whole milk. It's up to you to know your tolerance level.

Do you make sugar-free gelato?

Yes. Sugar free options are available upon request and we often have one sugar free choice in the gelato case during the busy season of summer. 

What part of Australia are you from?

The New Zealand part, a cluster of islands to the Southeast of Australia (insert Richard's dry sarcasm here).

I want to serve your gelato in my restaurant, cafe or coffee shop. Do you sell your gelato wholesale?

Yes, we do have a wholesale license. We would love to talk to you further about wholesale costs, delivery options, and how we can help each other how to register and open a exness forex account. Please call us at the shop, or better yet, stop in and see us.

Can I buy a Kiwi Gelato T-shirt?

 Yes, you can, and it would be very appreciated. We have Men, Women and Kids sizes in different colors. You can purchase a t-shirt in our shop. We have visors too! Thanks.